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This website is borne from the desire to bring together persons and companies that have a common interest point: Transfer Pricing in Germany. Our site facilitaties interactions between client and advisor, offering to the client the possibility to chosse from a wide range of information, offers and advice, precisely what comes best in their advantage.


The site give you the opportunity to be updated with the relevant events, significant adjustments in law and new and changed practice regarding our interest area transfer pricing. With a simple click in Events you have the possibity to log in your own event and promote it.


This Transfer Pricing Germay website gives you, as advisor, the opportunity to create your own profile page and in this way you will get in in our Tranfer Pricing community and your visibility in the Transfer Pricing world increases.


A word about language: As transfer pricing professionals typically speak or understand English language, a lot of the content is held in this language. Only where local issues are treated we use the German language for this website. Nevertheless, you can communicate with us in German, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Romanian.


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